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What follows are brief answers to frequently asked questions. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive and that, where appropriate, residents are encouraged to consult with the Village of West Dundee (847-551-3800) or the HOA’s contracted management company, Rage Management (847-742-5555).


What are the annual HOA dues?

The HOA dues are $250 per year and are due on March 1st (for those who choose to pay in installments, the second portion would be due on May 1st). Bills will typically be send in January of each year; an installment payment plan is available and credit cards are accepted. The dues proceeds are used to fund common area maintenance.


Where can I obtain a copy of the Grand Pointe Meadows Declarations or Rules and Regulations (DR&R)?

You may call Rage Management to request a copy or visit to download a PDF version.


Are sheds allowed within Grand Pointe Meadows?

No, sheds are prohibited within the subdivision’s original Declarations, approved in 2003.


Who owns the detention pond near Oak Drive?

The detention pond is actually a mitigated wetland and is owned jointly by the HOAs for Grand Pointe Meadows single-family attached and detached homes. Both HOAs work cooperatively to schedule and pay for annual maintenance on the detention pond. Maintenance of the pond itself is governed by requirements dictated by the Army Corps of Engineers, and both HOAs must abide by these terms.


Are there plans to add a water feature or other element to the pond/mitigated wetland?

As a detention area, the mitigated wetland features a depth that is variable, but is seldom more than 8”—precluding the installation of a fountain or any other pump-driven device. 


Who maintains my mailbox?

The HOA has undertaken the responsibility of maintaining each resident’s mailbox to ensure that the uniformity of design as established by the United States Postal Service (USPS) when the subdivision was originally built remains. If you find that your mailbox is damaged or is otherwise in need of replacement, please contact Rage Management.


What are the parking policies?

  • The Village of West Dundee prohibits the overnight parking of vehicles on the street from November 1 to April 1.
  • Overnight commercial and/or branded vehicle parking is prohibited by HOA bylaw and municipal ordinance (24-hour emergency service vehicles may be exempt). It is recommended that such vehicle be garaged if necessary.
  • Trailers and recreational vehicles may not be parked overnight within the subdivision on driveways or public streets.
  • Village of West Dundee ordinances and the HOA bylaws prohibits the long-term parking of non-functional or unplated/unregistered vehicles.


Can I make changes to the exterior of the home?

Yes. Please note that all homes in Grand Pointe Meadows are subject to architectural guidelines governing the exterior appearance of Grand Pointe Meadows homes and grounds. As a homeowner/resident – whether an owner or renter –these guidelines are pertinent to your house as part of the HOA Covenant to which each home is subject.


Any exterior modification, installation, or replacement of any item generally requires an Exterior Modification form to be submitted to the ARC and must be approved by the ARC prior to work being performed by any resident or contractor. The ARC will work to review each submission within five (5) business days.


Is there more than one HOA within the subdivision?

Yes, there are three. Yours is the Grand Pointe Meadows Single-Family Detached HOA; the others are the Grand Pointe Meadows Townhome HOA and the Aspen HOA (roughly, the homes that are located along Karen Drive). We all work in concert when necessary to ensure that the common areas and pond are maintained. 

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