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The dues for Grand Pointe Meadows (GPM) are $250 per year. Each property owner will receive an invoice from the GPM HOA's management company, Rage Management, by early February of each year. Residents  will have the opportunity to pay for the dues in two (2) installments of $125 each, with the first such installment due on March 1 and the second on May 1.


Residents may use a credit or check to pay for dues once the annual invoice is received. The HOA is also looking into the possibility of adding website-based payment capabilities for the 2017 payment ycle.


Dues proceeds are used to fund, among other things, the maintenance of the subdivision common areas, including: the Huntley Road berm; the entryway signs at Huntley Road and Sleepy Hollow Road; the detention pond near Oak Drive (co-owned by the Grand Pointe Meadows Townhome HOA); and the Grand Pointe Boulevard median. For more information on the use of HOA funds, please visit the Annual Report section of the Documents page.


For more information, please contact Rage Management at 847-742-5555.

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