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About Grand Pointe Meadows

The Grand Pointe Meadows (GPM) subdivision is located in West Dundee, Illinois. Constructed starting in 2003 by Grand Pointe Homes LLC, the subdivision is itself divided into three (3) distinct areas, each with its own HOA:


  • Grand Pointe Meadows Single-Family Detached Homes (this is the site you are currently visiting)

  • Grand Pointe Meadows Townhomes

  • Aspen Single-Family Detached Homes (built by both Aspen Homes and, in later phases, Drake Homes)


From 2003 to 2009, GPM was overseen by an HOA run exclusively by the builder, Grand Pointe Homes. Upon the dissolution of Grand Pointe Homes LLC, it became necessary to create a resident-run HOA to ensure that the original declarations were observed,that  the HOA budget was managed, and that the common areas were maintained. The creation of the resident-run HOA subsequently occurred in 2010.


At that time, the HOA worked in concert with the Village of West Dundee to utilize remaining developer performance bond proceeds to complete public improvements within the subdivision. Such work included:


  • Applying the final asphalt surface to the base layer that comprised subdivision streets.

  • Completing curb and sidewalk work.

  • Finishing empty lot grading and applying a landscape cover to mitigate soil erosion.

  • Correcting overland-flow grading.


Since inception, the HOA has:


  • Maintained common areas within the subdivision;

  • Repaired and replaced resident mailboxes;

  • Regularly enhanced the subdivision entryways and berms;

  • Worked with the Village of West Dundee  to replace trees lost to storms or insect infestations.


The current HOA meets quarterly; the board roster includes:


  • Becky Carnes, President

  • Paul Bertone, Vice-President

  • Christopher Nelson, Immediate Past-President/Member-at-Large

  • Jen Caporale, Member-at-Large

  • Annie Ismail, Member-at-Large


A map of the subdivision is recapped below.










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